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ChemMatrix®: Comparative Results

Several studies have been carried out to compare the results obtained with the ChemMatrix® vs. Polystyrene resins for the synthesis of difficult peptides on Fmoc SPPS.  

Different peptides sequences that are known to be difficult to synthesize due to their lengths, complexity and/or hydrophobicity have been identified. Peptides syntheses were performed on ChemMatrix® and Polystyrene resins. The results are shown below.

  Peptide Length Category  
  β-Amyloid 1-42 42 amino acids Complex  
  HIV-1 Protease 99 amino acids Long  
  Bacuma 38 amino acids Long  
  H-(Ala)10-Val-OH 11 amino acids Hydrophobic  
  Rantes 68 amino acids Long  
  Poly Arg(21) 21 amino acids Complex  

To see more results visit our references page (a non-exhaustive list of publication)

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