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HMBA-ChemMatrix ®


HMBA (Hydroxymethylbenzoic acid) is a useful and versatile benzyl ester derived linker, completely resistant to acids. The HMBA ChemMatrix® resin is easily cleavable by a variety of nucleophilic reagents like ammonia or primary amines (amides),1 hydrazine (hydrazides), methanol/triethylamine (methyl esters),2 sodium borohydride (alcohols) and sodium hydroxide (acids) to give access to peptides with diverse C-terminal functionalities.

Since the HMBA ChemMatrix® resin is TFA stable, on-resin side-chain deprotection can also be achieved.  The HMBA ChemMatrix® resin can also be use in a new strategy suitable for the preparation of encoded one bead-one compound cyclic peptide library3.

Category: Peptide synthesis
Synthesis protocol: Click here for synthesis protocols
Cleavage conditions: 
Loading: 0.30-0.60 mmol/g
Bead size: 100-200 mesh dry
Swelling: Click here for swelling graphic

 Storage: +4°C , under dry and inert atmosphere

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