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H-Ramage ChemMatrix®

H-Ramage ChemMatrix® is a low TFA cleavage resin that will provide an excellent purity of final peptide.


Category: Peptide amid resin
Synthesis protocol: Click here for synthesis protocols
Cleavage conditions:  3-5%
Loading average: 0.30-0.60 mmol/g
Bead size: 100-200 mesh dry
Swelling: Click here for swelling graphic

Important notice: Please take note that the ChemMatrix® resins swell more than polystyrene resins.  Make sure to have reaction vessel that will allow a higher volume to avoid any overflowing.  At the cleavage step, make sure to have the ChemMatrix® resin properly swollen.
: +4°C , under dry and inert atmosphere

ChemMatrix® Resins Product number  Quantities 
H-Ramage ChemMatrix ® 1040371  (7-750-1310) 50g100g Order

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