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Trityl-OH ChemMatrix®

Trityl-ChemMatrix® is mainly used to obtain a protected peptide cleaved under low TFA conditions (under 1%). 

This resin therefore has the same cleavage conditions as the Cl-Trityl-polystyrene.

Trityl-ChemMatrix® resins are offered preloaded will all 20 natural amino acids.  Other amino acids can be preloaded on special request.  Please take note that the Cl-Trityl-ChemMatrix® resin is not offered for stability reasons.  You have the possibility to start with the Trityl-OH-ChemMatrix®, chlorinate the resin yourself and then add the amino acid you desire.

Category: Peptide acid resin
Synthesis protocol: Click here for synthesis protocols
Cleavage conditions:  TFA < 1%
Loading: 0.30-0.60 mmol/g  (Trityl-OH-ChemMatrix®)
0.15-0.40 mmol/g  (Preloaded Trityl-ChemMatrix®)
Bead size: 100-200 mesh dry
Swelling: Click here for swelling graphic

Important notice: Please take note that the ChemMatrix® resins swell more than polystyrene resins. Make sure to have reaction vessel that will allow a higher volume to avoid any overflowing. 
: +4°C , under dry and inert atmosphere

ChemMatrix® Resins Product number  Quantities 
Trityl-OH ChemMatrix ® * 1031189  (7-420-1310) 50g100g Order
H-Ala-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1040370  (CFL-400-0101) 25g50g Order
H-Arg(Pbf)-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1907  (CFL-400-0201) 25g50g Order
H-Asn(Trt)-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1031609  (CFL-400-0301) 25g50g Order
H-Asp(OtBu)-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1909  (CFL-400-0401) 25g50g Order
H-Cys(Trt)-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1655  (CFL-400-0501) 25g50g Order
H-Gln(Trt)-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1910  (CFL-400-0601) 25g50g Order
H-Glu(OtBu)-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1911  (CFL-400-0701) 25g50g Order
H-Gly-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1040376  (CFL-400-0801) 25g50g Order
H-His(Trt)-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1656  (CFL-400-0901) 25g50g Order
H-Ile-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1912  (CFL-400-1001) 25g50g Order
H-Leu-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1677  (CFL-400-1101) 25g50g Order
H-Lys(Boc)-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1913  (CFL-400-1201) 25g50g Order
H-Met-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1914  (CFL-400-1301) 25g50g Order
H-Phe-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1040379  (CFL-400-1401) 25g50g Order
H-Pro-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1657  (CFL-400-1501) 25g50g Order
H-Ser(OtBu)-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1040377  (CFL-400-1601) 25g50g Order
H-Thr(OtBu)-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1662  (CFL-400-1701) 25g50g Order
H-Trp(Boc)-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1917  (CFL-400-1801) 25g50g Order
H-Tyr(OtBu)-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1651  (CFL-400-1901) 25g50g Order
H-Val-Trityl-ChemMatrix® 1918  (CFL-400-2001) 25g50g Order

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